The full kitesurf course is usually divided into three classes. The first class is 3hrs long, and the other two classes are 2hrs each. We always adapt the lesson to your needs, so the following overview is just an indication of what you can expect during the course:

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Getting your feet wet

The first class is aimed at teaching you a basic understanding of the kite and how to use it safely. We will start with flying a small kite, to teach you basic steering skills. This is followed by an explanation of setting up the kite and what safety precautions need to be taken into account. After this we will go into the boat to fly the big kite in the water, starting with some small excercises to get you used to flying the kite in the water


Feeling the power

In the second class, we usually start with a short recap of the first lesson. After this, we will really start using the power of the kite to drag ourselves through the water like superman. Great fun! We will also practice how to get the kite out of the water when it falls, and how to navigate back into the wind.


Ready for take-off

In the last class we focus on the board; how to control the kite while putting the board on your feet; how to balance our body in the water; what to do to get up on the board in both directions; and how to stop safely.

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