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We are an international kitesurf school in La Caletta, Sardinia - the best kite beach of the island! - only an hour away from Olbia. La Caletta is like a piece of Caribbean in Europe; white sandy beaches, beautiful green scenery, crystal clear blue water and steady thermic winds. Perfect to learn kitesurfing!

We pride ourselves in the quality of our kitesurf lessons; we have very experienced kite instructors and we teach a maximum of two students per instructor to guarantee a high quality kitesurf lesson, and lots of progression! We have up-to-date kites, boards and wetsuits to ensure a safe and smooth learning process. To us, kitesurfing is not just a sport, it's a community, so we like to spend every windy day on the kite beach and in the water with everyone who wants to join us! Are you ready?

Scuola di kitesurf Sardegna


These are the different options for kitesurf lessons, choose according to your needs and previous experience! Please note; all water lessons take place from the boat in the bay, where we have all the space we need for you to learn in a safe, undisturbed way.


FULL COURSE / 7hrs / 380€

Full kitesurf course in which you'll learn all basics to become an independent kitesurfer. Course steps


MINI COURSE / 3hrs / 160€

A beginner lesson for those who just want to get a taste of kitesurfing to see if they like it, before committing.


SINGLE CLASS / 2hrs / 110€

For people who already have experience; this lesson is adapted to your exact level


We also very much welcome experienced riders in our community! Check the options and let us know when you want to kite.


RENTAL / 2hrs / €65

Already an independent kitesurfer, but don't have your gear with you or simply haven't found your kite yet? Feel free to use ours!
(For those who are able to stay upwind and do not need any help)


SUPERVISION / 2hrs / 85€

A supervision is just like a rental, but then we will take you with us on the boat, give you progressional tips, and will also come help you in case something happens.
(Basic riding skills required)


SUP BOARDS / 1hr / 10€

Whenever there is no wind in La Caletta, a great way to spend time on the water and discover the bay is on a SUP board. Take a snorkel mask, a drybag and a GoPro for the full experience!


If you want to stay near the kitebeach, between the pine trees, right next to the beautiful beach, look no further! We recommend the camping where we also have the base of our school.



The camping is situated right on the beautiful beach of La Caletta, one of the gems of Sardinia. The kitebeach is a short drive or 10min walk away.



The camping is full of pine trees, offering you shade, beautiful views and sounds, and just the tranquility of being surrounded by nature.



It offers options for different budgets; bungalows for those who want a bit of luxury, or parcels to put your tent if you want to travel more low-budget.

Also... The camping is ideally located nearby many of the other beautiful destinations of the area in Sardinia; Capo Comino, Cala Gonone, La Costa Smeralda - enough sightseeing to do on the scarce non-windy days. Write us for more information!


In Sardinia, you can basically kite all year round. However, lessons only take place in summer; due to the currents and waves coming in spring and autumn, we spend those seasons teaching in Barcelona. Below you can find out where to find us in the different seasons and find information about the wind and different spots in the area.


In Barcelona!
Between mid-February and end-May we teach in Barcelona, as the conditions are more beginner-friendly there this time of year. We teach every windy day in the area.


In Sardinia!
Between June and September, La Caletta is the place to be! Steady winds, beautiful water, excellent learning conditions. No better place to kitesurf than in Sardinia!


In Barcelona!
Between October and mid-December we teach in Barcelona, as the conditions are more beginner-friendly there this time of year. We teach every windy day in the area.


Too cold!
We close the school once temperatures drop below 15' celcius. Usually this is from January until mid-February. Feel free to contact us, though!


Already an independent kitesurfer and just want to know where to kite and how to read the forecast? Or just curious about how it works? Here you can learn more about the wind, workable forecasts and different spots in the area.


La Caletta

La Caletta is our base; just an hour away from Olbia and situated on one of the most beautiful coasts of Sardinia. We work with thermic winds here, so if you see a SE-direction on the forecast - even if it's just for 9kts - it WILL work. N/NE winds enter too. In summer please pay attention to the kitesurf channel which you will have to use to kite away from the beach, as we have to kite 200m from shore. In the afternoon the wind sometimes turns south; you can stay kiting outside, or go to Posada.



Posada is just 20min away from La Caletta, but works slightly different! The south wind which is side offshore in La Caletta does enter in Posada, meaning if you're uncertain kitesurfing in slightly off-shore conditions, you can decide to do a downwinder to Posada or simply drive there. The thermic winds entering La Caletta also works in Posada but is generally less strong. Please note that also Posada works with a kitesurf channel during summer, so you need to keep an eye on where you kite.

kite surf la caletta lessons

Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo / Palau is one of the most famous kite beaches of Sardinia, at a one and a half hour drive from La Caletta. It gets strong winds (25+ kts) also during summer! Porto Pollo has a very big, festive kitesurf scene, with beach bars and beach parties. It's maybe not the best kite beach for beginners, as wind is gusty and the bay is very busy, but for the experienced riders it's a nice stormy getaway when our bay is out of wind. It works best with NW/W winds, but occasionally other directions would work there too.


Questions about anything you've read so far? Do not hesitate to get in touch!

On windy days, when we are out teaching, we might not be able to pick up the phone. If we don't pick up, please send us a whatsapp and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Just to explain and clarify some of the things we're frequently asked!

Our kitesurf club
We are located in Camping La Mandragola in Santa Lucía / La Caletta, Sardinia, which is an hour south of Olbia by car or bus.

Can't find us on the camping?
Whenever there is no wind, we're not on the beach and the school is closed. We might be doing some repairs, some SUP, some wakeboarding, some cleaning, some relaxing... Just send us a whatsapp and we will make sure you know when there is wind to kitesurf!

By bus
There's a direct bus from Olbia Airport to the camping! It goes several times a day, is airconditioned and costs about 8€. It stops right next to the camping - just enter the camping and walk towards the beach and you'll find us there!

By car
You need to leave Olbia in direction Nuoro, keep driving south until you have the exit of Posada and then keep following signs for La Caletta / Santa Lucia. You can navigate to the following address: Via Villa dei Pini 1, Siniscola.

Your kitesurf session
Whenever there is no wind, the kitesurf session (lesson, rental, supervision; whatever we have planned) gets cancelled. You don't pay for this, of course!

Other things to do

On non windy days, instead of kitesurfing, you can go do some SUP along the beach, rent a boat, go wakeboarding, go windsurfing, so many things to do!
Windfinder is one of the website used to statically predict the wind. Try to find the La Caletta Superforecast. For our area, the forecast is not reliable until one or two days in advance!
Windy is a very innovative website which shows windmaps over the area, so you can see where the wind comes from, if anything is blocking it, if there's any storms ahead, you name it!
Windguru, like Windfinder, is a static wind forecast website. It's a little less reliable in our area, so we tend not to use it.

We fly Ozone kites, currently we're using the 2019 Catalyst for our classes.


We use Blankforce boards, we have different models and sizes to fit everyone's needs.


Harnesses and short leashes from Blankforce, ONDA, Prolimit and GUL wetsuits to keep you warm during the colder days!