Our Kitesurfing School offers various types of Kitesurfing Lessons:


Suitable for beginners who want a light approach to this sport, to try to feel confident with the kite in 3 hours of which 1 hour of basic theory and 2 hours of body drag.


Dedicated to all beginners, it consists of 6 hours of comprehensive teaching, starting with the theory fundamentals to the start in water. The student will learn first about the kite flying window, then all the security regulations and the fast unfastening of the equipment, finally the self rescue. Secondly, there will be 2/3 hours of body drag in the sea to reach an optimal control of the kite, also with one hand only, to then complete with 1 or 2 hours of water start with the kitesurfing board. The course will finish when the student rides some lent in the water, both with right side and left side wind.


Dedicated to who has already completed the basic course and want to progress into the kite surfing path, followed by a coach who will facilitate the next steps in various riding styles, upwind and upwind and change of wind side. It’s a 4 hours course divided into 2 phases and it guarantees total independence of the student and a lot of fun.


It’s a minicab formula, individual or with a group, focused exclusively on aerial manoeuvres and new & old school tricks. It requires a preparatory athletic phase and a few video lessons. It’s for expert riders and who love the twin tip kite board. It lasts 8 hours, split onto 4 days.


The latest trend, the wave riding has recently conquered a lot of attention and respect in kite boarding. The course includes the first approach to riding with a surf board strapless and various techniques of riding. The course is focussed on first objective to create the bases of wave riding to then proceed with the teaching of surfing waves with the kite. It’s only for advanced riders who want to learn the wave style.


it’s a long riding session starting from Santa Lucia beach/LaCaletta where the school is based, optimising the south east wind towards north. The riders are supported by a school boat to guarantee maximum security. It requires advanced riding level, it’s also possible to do it in a group.

Short itinerary – circa 10 km from Capo Santa Lucia to Capo Orvile
Long itinerary – circa 25 km from Capo Santa Lucia to the beach of La Cinta di San Teodoro


We offer various types of subscription:

Basic subscription ASD with UISP\CONI valid worldwide for one year

FIV Federazione Italia Vela with the Sailing Club La Caletta

IKO and Vdws thanks to the assistance of our qualified instructors who while be able to provide you with a card at the end of course


All courses are individual or for maximum three students with one instructor: for teaching reasons, we only teach two hours per sessions.

Group courses need to be planned in advance and include classes with 3/4 students at the same level.

The school is equipped with radio helmets for security- safety jackets and rescue boat to provide students with the necessary assistance and to speed up students’ learning process.

Kitesurfing Lessons with La Caletta Kite School


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