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La Caletta is amazing to learn kitesurf: clear and shallow water and steady thermal winds. Located between pine trees and beautiful white sandy beaches, La Caletta is paradise for learning and advancing your skills.





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Mojokite – La Caletta Kite school is located on the big beach between La Caletta and Santa Lucia, close to Posada and Capo Comino. With pristine waters and picturesque beaches it is the ideal location to learn everything there is to know about kitesurfing. The wind is very consistent throughout the year and offers the perfect conditions to learn or advance your kitesurfing skills.

La Caletta itself is a beautiful Sardinian town offering local cuisine, unique nights and varied places to stay. The spot is very easy to get to and directions and a map can be found on the link below:


La Caletta Kite - Kitesurfing School in La Caletta

Why Mojokite – La Caletta

Not only the spot is amazing – our kitesurfing school is too! With us you will find very experienced instructors, who will be able to teach you every single thing you need to know to become an experienced kitesurfer. As we teach in small groups you can maximize your time on the kite as much as possible. We always have up-to-date material, currently flying 2019 Ozone kites.

Each of our team loves what they do, and this shows. All of our kitesurfing lessons are fun and safe, and we strive to make your trip an exciting and unforgettable experience. We hope to see you soon for an adventure!

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