Kitesurf School Sardinia

Join Mojokite kitesurf school on the beautiful island of Sardinia, where we have beginner friendly conditions, the most incredible transparent water, amazing white sandy beaches, steady winds and lots of space! The best conditions for starting and progressing your kitesurf journey.

Kitesurf courses & lessons

These are the different options for kitesurfing lessons, choose according to your previous experience. Please note; all water lessons take place from the boat in the bay, where we have all the space and freedom for you to learn in the safest way.

Our lessons are semi-private, meaning there is a maximum of two students per instructor, with the aim of using a kite per student as soon as possible.
Kitesurf course in Sardinia

Full kitesurf course

6 hours / €340

This is the perfect kitesurf course for those who have no experience yet... The course is full of action and real practice. As we believe you learn by experience and having fun, we limit the theory to a minimum! We will cover all the basics you need to know to become an independent kitesurfer.

Kitesurf lesson in Sardinia

Kitesurf progression course

4 hours / €260 

This kitesurf course is adapted to your exact level and focused on your specific needs. For those who need a refresher, want to perfect their riding, or learn something specific (transitions, jumps, riding upwind, etc) we recommend this kitesurf course. Lesson includes boat assistance.

Kitesurf rental in Sardinia

Kitesurf supervision

2 hours / €90

A kitesurf supervision is just like a rental, but we also take care of you. It inlcudes setting up your kitesurf gear, progressional kitesurf tips, keeping an eye on you, making sure you are safe and if needed help you with a rescue service. (Basic kitesurf skills required)

Kitesurf accommodation

If you want to stay near the kitebeach, between the pine trees, right next to the beautiful beach, look no further! We recommend the camping where we also have the base of our kitesurf school. The camping is ideally located nearby many of the other beautiful destinations of the area in Sardinia; Capo Comino, Cala Gonone, La Costa Smeralda - enough sightseeing to do on the scarce non-windy days. 

Kitesurf acommodation Sardinia

About us

We are a small team of dedicated professionals who love to teach kitesurf lessons and share our passion with everyone. You can find us on the beach on every windy day, teaching or kitesurfing ourselves. On the non windy days you can find us... well, usually still on the beach. Enjoying what the sea has to offer in any way possible!

Our kitesurf school can help you become an independent kitesurfer with all the knowledge you need to kite everywhere in the area, and in the world!

Kitesurf spots in Sardinia

Already an independent kitesurfer and just want to know where to kite and how to read the forecast? Here you can learn more about the wind, workable forecasts and different kitesurf beaches in the area.
From Olbia to kitesurf spot Mojokite school in Sardinia

La Caletta is our base; just an hour away from Olbia and situated on one of the most beautiful coasts of Sardinia. We work with thermic winds here, so if you see a SE-direction on the forecast - even if it's just for 9kts - it WILL work. N/NE winds enter too. In summer please pay attention to the kitesurf channel which you will have to use to kite away from the beach, as we have to kite 200m from shore. In the afternoon the wind sometimes turns south; you can stay kiting outside, or go to Posada.

From kitesurf spot Mojokite school to kitesurf spot Posada in Sardinia

Posada is just 20min away from La Caletta, but works slightly different! The south wind which is side offshore in La Caletta does enter in Posada, meaning if you're uncertain kitesurfing in slightly off-shore conditions, you can decide to do a downwinder to Posada or simply drive there. The thermic winds entering La Caletta also works in Posada but is generally less strong. Please note that also Posada works with a kitesurf channel during summer, so you need to keep an eye on where you kite.

From kitesurf spot Mojokite to kitesurf spot Porto Pollo in Sardinia

Porto Pollo / Palau is one of the most famous kite beaches of Sardinia, at a one and a half hour drive from La Caletta. It gets strong winds (25+ kts) also during summer! Porto Pollo has a very big, festive kitesurf scene, with beach bars and beach parties. It's maybe not the best kite beach for beginners, as wind is gusty and the bay is very busy, but for the experienced riders it's a nice stormy getaway when our bay is out of wind. It works best with NW/W winds, but occasionally other directions would work there too.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about anything you've read so far, please don't hesitate to contact us! Do keep in mind that on windy days, when we're teaching, it's difficult for us to pick up the phone and it's better to send us a WhatsApp!

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